Avoid Back Pain with Aurelia Vaicekauskas
Saturday 5pm
SEARLE Hall, Room 240A

This is a complimentary 1 hour workshop to avoid back pain. The Gokhale method benefits those prone to sitting for long durations in front of screens. Aurelia will cover stretch sitting (how to sit in a way that avoids back pain) and exercises for walking better. Aurelia possesses a microscopic perspective on how to fine tune your movements to avoid back pain. The workshop integrates samba steps with music.


Outdoor Yoga

Josephine Firorelli
Sunday 10am
SEARLE Hall's Grass Quad

A yoga class is a deceptively simple, earth-bound place to begin the most important work of your life; knowing yourself and bringing more loving compassion into the world. This class will begin with meditative self-observation, and puts self-knowledge to work in well-aligned postures and intentional breathing. In this class, dynamic movements will be shaped by the breath, and asanas (postures) will be practiced with a variety of props and emphases to bring attention to one’s individual muscular  and emotional structures. Some asanas will be held for longer periods to explore how they change, and we change in them, even in stillness. There is no right-looking pose, only right effort and right knowledge. This class will explore how yoga can serve each particular body and each individual mind. Cultivate strength, awareness, and a warm relationship with yourself.



City Sprint will provide healthy and delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages throughout the weekend. We want to keep you fueled and burning design power at maximum levels.


Break Amenities

If you're looking for relief from the screen, we'll have fitness equipment like hoola hoop, gym ball, balancing pad, and more in the workspaces. You can also get in the swing of things with a game of ping pong. For outdoor breaks and lunch, you can lounge on inflatable sofa and hammocks.