City Sprint Chicago
City Sprint Chicago
A 2 Day Sprint to match health services with need

A 2-day design sprint to better match health services w/ need

August 12th and 13th Weekend, 10am - 7pm
University of Chicago's Computation Institute (Searle)


Bettering thru Design

Join us at the City Sprint for a brisk weekend design workout. You’ll work with researchers at the Center for Spatial Data Science to create a tool that will help city decision-makers better analyze and allocate health resources where they’re most needed in Chicago. Your design thinking and skills are the missing key to building this meaningful open-source analytics and web-based tool.

City Sprint is an opportunity for recent SAIC graduates and student designers to use your design, strategy, and research skills to innovate solutions for civic good. We'll immerse you in two distinct tracks: (1) Product Design and (2) Process Design & Product Strategy. While you’re flexing your design skills, our team of researchers and veteran designers will provide mentoring, fitness activities, and tasty meals.

We're accepting 30 designers. Do you accept the challenge?



City Sprint is part of the Center for Spatial Data Science's Next Generation Health and Human Service Infrastructure Platform (NGHHSIP). The NGHHSIP is funded by a grant from the Public Health National Center for Innovations. We are also co-creating our product with insight and help from the Chicago Department of Public Health.


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Lead by Design Mentors and University of Chicago Researchers


Where to sprint

University of Chicago
Computation Institute (Searle)
5735 S Ellis Ave, Room 240A
Chicago, IL 60637